Chandresh Nigam
MD & CEO, Axis Asset Management Co Ltd
"Valuefy helped us quantify risk in multi asset class portfolios, something which is not easily available, and with that we are able to provide superior returns as compared to benchmarks at much lower risk levels. The system helps us to measure and control risk, see where the opportunity lies on the risk spectrum for portfolio managers and take advantage of those opportunities. "
Axis Asset Management Co Ltd
Chandresh Nigam
Bharat Shah
Bharath Shah
Executive Director, ASK Group
"Valuefy is a fine and dedicated team that have shown a positive image of no-fuss, clean, fast, efficient and responsive behavior in meeting our variety of requirements to appropriately represent our investment performance to the institutional clients with a good deal of analytics. "
ASK Group
Leading asset manager
" Today the Attribution and Performance Measurement System now known as ValueAT, from Valuefy, has become an integral part of our function. It is immensely useful to our fund managers and we proudly present our attribution analysis to our clients. We were able to align our performance evaluation in line with Global best practices. "